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Social Proof Ignites Revenue Growth 

Candid is a pioneer in Visual Commerce techniques that enable brands to tell their story through the eyes of their biggest fans. Authentic photos and videos are streamed to product pages and social ads to create a fresh and inspiring community experience that sells.

 Try Your Hashtag

The Best Kept Secret in Visual Marketing

A versatile CMS for social that helps brands source, manage and publish at scale

Want to breathe life into your marketing? We make it easier to find, organize, and publish social stories to point of sale displays where they have a real impact. Our plugins are fast, flexible, and integrate in seconds on any platform to provide the ultimate social proof when it matters most.

Automate the Workflow of Community Inspired E‑commerce

 Collect & Curate

Candid's powerful moderation engine allows teams to quickly find, organize and merchandize inspiring stories from the avalanche of community content.

Whether you're just starting or already dealing with high-volume hashtag streams, we can help you separate signal from noise and deliver a balanced and consistent content mix.

 Tag Products

Easily map approved media to your products to drive the 1-click 'shop this look' experience.

Update call-to-actions in real-time and test variations to optimize conversions.

Leverage automation techniques and configurable workflows to make publishing automatic and effortless.


Showcase your community on interactive and immersive hubs, product pages and other retail touchpoints to enable a 1-click shopping experience that delights.

Powerful pre-built layouts allow marketing teams to target mobile, tablet and desktop without any programming.

 Measure & Reward

Go beyond GA-style transactional attribution, see your brand through the eyes of your biggest fans and access insights that lead to true innovation at warp-speed.

Nurture relationships with top ambassadors and encourage on-going collaborations that are essential for staying relevant.

Use machine vision to observe patterns in the content you publish and how well it performs

  Media Rights Management

A scalable and effective solution to engage with your fans and easily request explicit consent to amplify their story across digital properties, social ads, other social channels and more. All 4 methods (hashtags, link-based, the direct method and the reply method) are supported alongside real-time response metrics.

 Explicit Consent

Tap into social stories with explicit consent by reaching out directly to your biggest fans.

Contact creators on Instagram and Twitter to secure permission to use their work, all from a convenient team dashboard.

Or, automatically acquire usage rights via direct uploads on product pages or via post-purchase emails with automatic SKU matching built in.

 Fast & Convenient

Candid will comment on the post on your behalf and if the owner agrees to your terms they can quickly reply in-app.

The rights management system maintains a separate (permanent and downloadable) record of the content owner's response for compliance.

Fans will be excited to hear from you so be sure to only send thoughtful requests for media that you'll actually use.

 Ultimate Win-Win

Approval rates exceed 83% when requests are personalized and genuine.

Customers love exposure for their stories, be sure to let them know where their media is showcased.

Once accepted, rights statuses are immediately updated and the associated publishing workflows kick in to activate the content on published displays.

 Use Anywhere

Congrats! Millennials trust UGC 50% more than traditional media and find it 35% more memorable.

A cost-effective and repeatable content strategy is the foundation of success with social advertising, with community content playing a key role.

Candid makes it easier to put approved media to work across digital channels and social ads to inspire new audiences.

 Instagram Storefronts

Turn your Instagram feed into a conversion machine!

Take the guess work out, make it fun for fans to engage with the beautiful content you're sharing everyday and give them an easy path to purchase. Delight your community with breathtaking visual hubs that turn impulse into action.

No middleman, no commissions, no % fees

Authentic Markerting & Advertising Solutions

Get better content, do more with it — built from the start to accelerate e-commerce
→  Shoppable Snapchat  

 Shoppable Displays

Community content, whether from everyday customers or seasoned influencers, has displaced traditional stock photography across the digital spectrum.

Our curated "ever-green" displays engage communities and connect them to each other over shared passions, with a seamless 1-click shopping experience that delights.

Candid streams rich community stories across retail touchpoints for an ever changing look at what’s new for your brand.

 Plug and Play

Don't let your best stories get buried, put them to work they matter most with automated workflows.

Our on site plugins install in seconds on all major e-commerce platforms without heavy involvement from IT.

Link on site performance with Predictive Community Ads and share top performing stories with broader audiences to draw in new traffic.

 Rest API

Candid delivers proprietary content management capabilities, team-based workflows, performance metrics, and rights management on top of social APIs that partners can use to create visual experiences that are uniquely their own.

Personalize displays for each visitor with powerful audience segmentation and remarketing: highlight media that matches unique interests, styles, seasons, locations or past behaviours.

 Master Trust & Influence

Why double down on UGC to expand your brand? Millennials (ages 18-36) spend 30% of their media consumption looking at user-generated media and they find it 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy than traditional media.

No platform offers the same range and versatility in building effective community content and integrating it in everything you do.

 Embed Anywhere

Embeds allow you to drive traffic with qualified purchase intent from shoppable visual content published to your blog, e-commerce site, or partner sites. They're extremely simple to setup and deploy anywhere in seconds with zero coding.

 Save Thousands

What's required to master cutting-edge community content workflows? We can do better than the $12-120K/year brands have been paying in SaaS license fees to manage and amplify content.

We are a smaller Canadian team with a key advantage in tech and a business philosophy of aggressively pricing at or near cost, not as a percentage of revenue.

Is your contract expiring soon? Same day automated migrations are available for common visual marketing platforms.

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