Why Candid?  

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Candid is an acceleration platform.

We work best with large or medium enterprises with established brands and social audiences.

 Why Candid?

Pricing, agility, vision, and stunning ROI.

We've been tuning this program since 2012 with the help of some of the top front runners in e-commerce.

While several platforms have pivoted to follow in our footsteps, Candid is still the visual commerce leader with state of the art automation and UX offered under public and flexible pricing that won't erode margins.

 30-second Install

Our e-commerce displays install in seconds on any platform. No heavy IT involvement necessary, launch today and start measuring the gains.

We can't say enough great things about Nariman and the Candid team - everything from the customer service to the actual product are simply the best. We've had a fantastic experience working with Candid, and are very pleased with the results so far. We highly recommend using Candid!

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