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Celebrate your community and inspire browsers to buy

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    Conversion rates on product pages that include visual reviews can increase by 30%

    Discover the power of the 3rd voice: Candid™ joins with Instagram to help create honest, inspiring e‑commerce experiences powered by real fans. Mastering 'social proof' has never been simpler.

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    Source, manage and publish creative at scale to delight new audiences

    Pioneering visual commerce since 2012, Candid delivers unparalleled transparency and versatility in managing community content.

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    We work for you to ensure your inspiring moments reach the perfect audience.

    We help you take even better pictures and put them to work for the brands you care about the most.

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Our customers prove it: community content drives stunning business results

But it's disruptive pricing and automation that delivers an unprecedented and sustainable ROI

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 Now Streaming Stories Across 135 Countries

How can community content grow your brand?

  • Unlock new, incremental revenue by automating social proof and visual influence via user-generated and influencer-generated content
  • Generate 6.9x higher engagement than brand-generated content on Facebook
  • Prove ROI for all paid, owned and earned content
  • Reduce time and effort required to manage evergreen experiences
  • Save thousands in platform fees
We just couldn't justify the 25K we were paying the other platform, despite the conversion gains... especially considering how much maintenance was required. Thanks for taking the time to help us build the right workflows.
Digital Marketing Manager
The integration assistance you provided was a rare bright spot in that process and is probably some of the best support I've ever gotten from any vendor ever, and I'm not sure if I ever got the chance to properly thank you for that. So thanks again.
Daniel Toman, PUBLIC Bikes
Candid continues to provide Hockey Shot with incredible value. User generated content is being shared to our website each day and, using Candid, we can ensure that our social displays are current, relevant, and consistent across the customer e-commerce experience.
Brody Constantine, Marketing and E-Commerce Manager

Marketers: In 2018, telling your story through user‑generated content is essential. Why Candid?

  • We specialize in helping Apparel, Furniture, Beauty, Outdoor & DMO brands improve UGC usage rates — 1% isn't enough
  • We transform brands into content-driven businesses with better content and activation options
  • We provide enhanced discovery and spam detection to sift through high-volume hashtags
  • We leverage learning techniques to streamline moderation and merchandising
  • We connect marketing teams around the globe, enabling content re-usability and localization
  • We automate influencer contributions to improve consistency and quality of marketing mix

 5+ Years of Visual Influence R&D

Committed to refining Earned Content and delivering depth and versatility under Plug & Play packages since 2012

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