How Travel Brands Use UGC to Create Unique Visitor Experiences

 Smart Discovery

A unique location-based UGC discovery engine monitors multiple hashtags, key influencers, geo coordinates, physical venues and Instagram bookmarks to automatically highlight top performing assets.

 Fully Automated

Discover how beautiful, evergreen experiences running on auto-pilot can breathe life into your marketing and improve participation rates. Candid plugs into hundreds of applications and content platforms in minutes.

 Rest API

Candid customers know more about their content performance than anyone else and can quickly deploy powerful use-cases using a REST API that dramatically simplifies content management, publishing and measurement.

Activate Community Content Across Web, Mobile, Ads & E-mail

Discover and understand your customers through sophisticated location-based social monitoring

Still serving static ads?

Dynamic Ads for Travel Backed by Candid™ Can Automatically Sponsor Your Community Content on Instagram, Facebook and the Audience Network

Rights Management for UGC

Safe, Legal, Effective — Learn how marketers unlock UGC permissions with automated workflows

Measure Everything

Meaure the impact of every piece of content published against your conversion objectives — get better insights to inform your strategy

Powerful Discovery & Automation For DMOs

Candid is used by hundreds of brands to source, organize, publish and optimize the best in user-generated, influencer-generate and owned assets

  • Unlock new, incremental revenue by automating social proof and visual influence
  • See who's on-site right now and what they are saying
  • Cut through the noise to surface the most relevant and meaningful stories
  • Get better content, in less time & do more with it
  • Prove ROI for all user-generated, influencer-generated and owned content
  • Reduce effort required to manage evergreen community experiences
  • Save thousands in platform fees
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