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Predictive Community Ads

After 4 years, we've come to appreciate that amazing campaigns are always tailored and benefit dramatically from some oversight

That's why we're now offering a 3-month full-service package where we do all the heavy lifting of getting you up and running on hyper-targeted Instagram and Facebook ads that deliver real results.

Oversight of an Candid Ads Expert

Successful campaigns require a tailored setup unique to each business and deep understanding of the strategy needed to target the right buyers — that's what our team delivers.

Brands that use Candid are seeing 4-10X return on spend

In addition to weekly reviews with an expert, the package includes:

  • Real-time Signalling: Facebook's delivery infrastructure can only help you if you're providing correct signals via audience segments (based on indicated interest, on-site activity, purchase intent, etc)
  • Predictive Ads that allow you to test media performance on-site before activation
  • Rights-Managed Community Content
  • Combating ad fatigue with Dynamic Product Ads that serve fresh content
  • Testing various formats (including carousels, micro videos, cinemagraphs, and other animated formats)
  • Tiered Audience Expansion Strategies (beyond simple lookalikes and retargeting)
  • Optimizing Cost Per Acquisition so you can ramp spend with confidence and correlation

The 3-month program is quite nuanced and includes several key steps that programmatic platforms gloss over

Before you spend a dime it's important to make sure you're setup for success: audience segmentation with robust signalling, a scalable and repeatable content strategy, and predictive on-site performance to inform your spend.

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