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Ready to celebrate your community and inspire browsers to buy?

  • Businesses

    Conversion rates on product pages that include visual reviews can increase up to 30%

    Discover the power of the 3rd voice: Candid joins with Instagram to help create honest, inspiring e‑commerce experiences powered by real fans. Masering 'social proof' has never been simpler.

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  • Businesses

    Source, manage and publish creative at scale to delight new audiences

    Pioneering visual commerce since 2012, Candid delivers unparalleled transparency and versatility in managing community content.

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    We work for you to ensure your inspiring moments reach the perfect audience.

    We help you take even better pictures and put them to work for the brands you care about the most.

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It's true: community content drives stunning business results

But it's disruptive pricing that delivers an unprecedented and sustainable ROI

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How can community content and creative grow your brand?

  • Get better content, do more with it
  • Prove ROI for all earned and owned content
  • Reduce time & effort required to manage evergreen experiences
  • Save thousands in platform fees
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